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Prayer Letter
April 2019


Spring is officially here, and so is our latest prayer letter.

Family Update

The kids are enjoying the warmer weather and the opportunity to play outside more.

They are doing well. Tyler will be six months old in a couple of weeks. He's currently cutting his first tooth and building his balance while sitting.

Owen's overnight EEG was rescheduled for April 10th due to wiring problems at the hospital. We would appreciate your prayers that this would provide information his neurologist could use to create a treatment plan, and hopefully curb his seizure activity.

Missionary Acres Update

Missionary Acres recently gained some new residents! We are looking forward to meeting them the next time we make it to the Acres. Please pray that these dear saints would get settled.

The residents are why we are heading to Missionary Acres. These incredible people dedicated their lives to serving God, and trusted Him to provide when they could no longer serve full-time.

Please pray for all the residents at Missionary Acres!

Ministry Update

We are thankful to report that our support is now at 7%! We know that the Lord already has the remaining 93% figured out, and we praise Him for that.

March was another month full of behind the scenes work. We reviewed some data points, and rewrote our scripts for connecting with Pastors, specifically for leaving voicemails. When you only have a couple of seconds to capture attention, your word choice matters!

Bryan was able to prepare and preach five sermons from the book of Nehemiah in our home church. 

The Lord also used March to grow Lisa's writing business. We are praying this income would continue, and allow us to jump into full-time deputation this summer. 

We are looking forward to another trip across the state at the end of this month.

Thank you for your prayers!

Bryan & Lisa Tanner & Family


  • New residents at Missionary Acres
  • Support level now at 7%
  • An upcoming meeting at the end of April
  • Lessons learned on deputation
  • 5 sermons preached

Current Prayer Requests

  • To connect with Pastors and fill our schedule for 2019
  • Owen's overnight EEG on April 10th
  • For logistics of travel and safety on the road
  • A dependable and affordable 15 passenger van with 4WD
  • For health for our family
  • Wisdom in when to move to a full-time deputation ministry

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