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Prayer Letter
July 2019


A year ago today, Lisa and I were on a short survey trip down to Missionary Acres. It was my second time down there, and Lisa's first. The Lord definitely used that experience to encourage both of us that Missionary Acres is where He would like us to be.

And it's amazing how much of our hearts is halfway across the country with these dear saints. We look forward to the day that the Lord has planned for us to complete deputation and move down there.

After leaving the Acres last year, the two of us drove up to Cleveland, Ohio for Candidate Seminar. It's hard to believe that we've been Missionary Appointees for almost a year.

The Lord sure has moved a lot of mountains in that time - when we look back over the course of the past year, it is incredible. We serve a Savior who can make the impossible happen.

You can check out our latest blog post (see link below) to learn more about the progress of the past twelve months.

Family Update
The kids are enjoying the summer break from homeschooling. They like to spend lots of time playing outside this time of year.

Our seven-year-old daughter, Sydney, cut herself earlier this month trying to cut an orange for her little sister. Thankfully the doctors were able to use Steri-Strips to close it up, so she didn't need stitches.

Owen's new wheelchair arrived in the shop, and he has an appointment next Tuesday to get everything adjusted for him. That way it fits comfortably. It's bright green and black, and should fit him for the next several years, which is a blessing.

Missionary Acres Updates

MIssionary Acres' float recently won first place in the Greenville parade. It was such a blessing to see the photos on Facebook!

Ministry Update

We are looking forward to two meetings in August. We are also taking a small trip to build a connection with pastors we know.

Please pray that we would connect with more pastors and schedule meetings to present our ministry to Missionary Acres.

Thank you for your prayers!

Bryan & Lisa Tanner & Family

  • Owen's new wheelchair is in and ready for fitting!
  • Missionary Acres' float won first place and the residents were able to spread the gospel with their entry.
  • Two upcoming meetings
Prayer Requests
  • To connect with Pastors and fill our schedule for 2019 and 2020
  • For logistics of travel and safety on the road
  • A dependable and affordable 15 passenger van
  • For health for our family
  • Wisdom in when to move to a full-time deputation ministry

Where We're Heading Next...

August 4

Visiting churches in Pasco, WA and delivering information packets in the area

August 11

Presenting our ministry at Lincoln Park Baptist Church in Wenatchee, WA

August 18

Presenting our ministry at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Spokane Valley, WA

The Latest from the Blog

About once a month we publish a new blog post. This offers a behind the scenes peek at our journey to become missionaries. Here is our latest blog post: 

Looking Back: Reflections on Our First Year on Deputation

It's been a year since Lisa and I traveled to Missionary Acres on a short survey trip and then went on to Candidate Seminar in Ohio. Read this post to learn how the Lord has directed in the past twelve months.

Read the Post
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