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June 2020
Dynamical Change Newsletter

Focused on building resilience and thriving in complexity

Hi ,

I'm glad you're here. We are all in different boats, yet we are in the same storm season. Gratitude is still a choice in a time of turbulence! And, I'm grateful that you're reading this. I'm driven by the desire to serve you and to do my part to create positive change within me and around me.

Latest Blog Posts
Making sense of a turbulent world
The Power of Inquiry

In my latest blog, I write about how I use inquiry to get myself unstuck and help my clients. It's simple and complex, and very powerful. When you're dealing with complex changes, answers will have a short shelf life, and there's a better way to continue to thrive. Read the blog post by clicking here.

Liberating Structures
Recap of LS Workshop

I recently had the pleasure of facilitating a liberating structures experience for Research Triangle Park Frontier. Take a look at their outstanding recap here.

How can leaders address systemic changes with their teams

Had a great panel discussion with Deepa Kartha and Trent Clark on what leaders can do to address systemic changes with their teams. We address why black lives matter and what we can do about it as leaders.

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