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Prayer Letter
January, 2019


Happy New Year!

We wanted to spend a bit of time reflecting on God's goodness in 2018, and sharing our prayers and plans for the new year.

Baby steps truly have been the theme of our deputation thus far, and it's amazing how far little steps can take you. Here's a quick look at how God has been working our family in 2018.

Waiting on Baby

After arriving home from Candidate Seminar with Baptist Mid-Missions in July, we set to work on deputation preparations.

We launched our website, created a Facebook page, and created a basic prayer card design.

Before we could finalize our cards though, we were waiting on baby number nine to join us. Tyler Nathanael joined us in mid-October,  and has been getting lots of love ever since!

Prayer Cards

When Tyler was a couple of weeks old, we headed to the Roosevelt Grove of Ancient Cedars on the Washington/Idaho border, and took family photos. Bryan captured a great one for our prayer cards.

With a new picture ready to go, we finalized the prayer cards. They arrived in mid-November, and we are thankful for this tangible piece of our deputation ministry. The kids are so excited to pass them out at churches we'll be visiting on deputation.

Thankful for Our Sending Church

Earlier this fall, we presented our ministry to our sending church, Chewelah Baptist Church. We're so thankful for their support and encouragement. It was nice to practice our presentation in front of a friendly crowd.

Contacting Churches

Right now, Bryan is working on contacting churches and filling up our ministry calendar for this year. Since he's still working a full-time job, it's been a slow process, but God is so faithful even when we can just make a little progress at a time.

Baby Steps Still Lead You Forward

Even though our deputation ministry isn't yet moving full-steam ahead, we are thankful for each of the baby steps we're accomplishing. God's timing is best, and we know we can trust Him through this journey.

And we keep reminding ourselves that baby steps still lead us closer to arriving on the field of Missionary Acres.

We are excited to follow God where He leads in this new year. 

Thank You!

Thank you so much for your support and prayers. We can't get to Missionary Acres alone, and we are so thankful for you.

May God continue to bless you in the New Year!


Bryan, Lisa, Jayme, Owen, Jeffrey, Ellie, Sydney, Simon, Brynna, Bryson & Tyler Tanner


  • The safe arrival of baby number nine, Tyler Nathanael
  • The support of our sending church and an individual donor
  • The one-time gifts towards our ministry that allow us to travel on deputation
  • The opportunity for Bryan to fill the pulpit in Wilson Creek, WA in  late December
  • Prayer cards are done
  • Our website is live

Current Prayer Requests

  • To connect with Pastors and fill our schedule for 2019
  • To be able to present in at least two churches in the Pacific Northwest each month of 2019 
  • For logistics of travel and safety on the road
  • Wisdom in when to move to a full-time deputation ministry

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