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Prayer Letter
February 2020


One of the songs I enjoy singing at church is "There Shall Be Showers of Blessing." And as I think back on this past month, I find myself singing this song daily. God has blessed us so much, and the blessings just keep falling all around us.

In January we announced some goals: to present in 25 or more churches this year and to see our support level above 50%. Praise God, we have 15 churches scheduled for this year, and we are up to 15.6% support. And we trust that both of these numbers will continue to rise.

We have been praying for a travel trailer/bunkhouse to pull with our van (which was yet another blessing from God that we saw last year) and while we have not purchased one yet, we have had some donations come in for this specific need, and are hopeful that we will be able to purchase something in March. 

We have had some health concerns in the past couple of months. Yet God has provided through the struggles. We spent some time in the ER with Owen -- we have been battling keeping his G-Tube in place -- and God has been there helping us each time. I could go on and on, but I won't, at least not today. 

We have our struggles. We have our hard days. We are just like everyone else in that regard. But as you read this, I pray that you would recognize the showers of blessings in your own lives. God is so good, and it is our sincere prayer that you too would see the blessings all around you.

We consider ourselves blessed to be on this journey. We praise God for every one of you who has given sacrificially so that we may serve God as missionaries and for those who pray for our family. We are so thankful to have you on our team.

Ezekiel 36:26 "And I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessing."

Thank you.

Bryan & Lisa Tanner & Family

A Quick Family Update

As already mentioned, Owen has been in the ER recently because he pulled out his G-Tube again and we did not catch it in time to insert it ourselves. It is amazing how fast the body will begin to close the opening as it tries to heal itself. 

We do have a wrap in place over the tube to make it harder for Owen to access. We are also working with his doctors to get a lower-profile tube in place. However, there aren't many companies that make this less-popular style, so this has been a longer than anticipated process. We would appreciate your continued prayers for him and his health.

Also, one of our other kids was playing on a pile of old wood and put a nail through all the way through their foot. Praise God, it is healing nicely.

  • We will be in three churches and a missions conference during the last two weeks of February.
  • We have 15 churches/meetings scheduled so far for 2020.
  • Our current support level is up to 15.6%.
  • We received a generous gift towards a travel trailer, and are currently searching for one to purchase. 
  • Lisa's business is growing, allowing Bryan to focus on the ministry more. 
Prayer Requests
  • To continue to connect with Pastors and fill our schedule for 2020. We are praying for 25+ good meetings.
  • That God would raise our support level to 50% or more this year. (We are currently at 15.6%)
  • For continued safety on the road, we have several trips scheduled in February including two trips that will take us over multiple mountain passes.
  • A budget friendly, dependable bunkhouse (travel trailer) large enough to sleep our family - to reduce lodging and food expenses.
  • For continued health for our family. 

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