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Prayer Letter
March, 2019


March started off with a cold roar this year. We've still got at least two feet of snow on the ground, and the temperatures are predicted to keep falling. Brr! 

Owen is scheduled for an overnight EEG in the hospital on Pi Day (March 14th). We would greatly appreciate your prayers that this test would give some insight into his increased seizures.

Ministry Updates

We are so thankful that we were able to attend our first missions conference, over on the other side of Washington State.

God kept us safe on the roads, even over the snowy pass. On our trip to the conference on Friday, the pass closed about an hour after we were safely over. We are so thankful that we didn't have to sit and wait for it to reopen!

Bryan and Jeffrey attended a men's prayer breakfast on Saturday morning. Lisa and three of the girls (and baby Tyler) attended a ladies' tea that afternoon. Both events were a wonderful opportunity to fellowship.

On Sunday morning, Bryan presented our ministry, and the need for Missionary Acres in the Sunday School hour at the Little Brown Chapel in Wickersham. He also preached in the morning service.

That evening, he was able to present a condensed version of our presentation at Baker Creek Bible Church in Bellingham.

We greatly enjoyed the fellowship following both meetings, and met so many wonderful saints.

It truly was a remarkable opportunity, and we are thankful for it! We learned so much, and will always remember this as our first trip on deputation.

Now the goal for March is to connect with more Pastors and schedule more meetings. Please pray that phones would be answered and we would connect with the churches the Lord has planned for us to present in.

Thank you for your prayers, they mean so much to us!

Bryan & Lisa Tanner & Family


  • The ability to present in two different churches at the Mt. Baker Missions Conference
  • A new individual supporter
  • Safe travels over Snoqualmie Pass and back for our first trip on deputation
  • Lessons learned from our first trip! 

Current Prayer Requests

  • To connect with Pastors and fill our schedule for 2019
  • Owen's overnight EEG on March 14th
  • To locate and purchase a reliable 15 passenger van in our price range so we don't need to take two cars to meetings 
  • For logistics of travel and safety on the road 
  • For logistics for lodging while in meetings 
    - we are currently exploring the possibility of towing a small trailer we could sleep in to reduce housing expenses while on the road
  • Wisdom in when to move to a full-time deputation ministry - the current plan is for Bryan to step down in June, so we are exploring new side hustles to help fill the income gap

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