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Prayer Letter
June 2019


Today, we are celebrating the provisions of God in our family and in our ministry.

Family Update
Praise the Lord, we are now debt free! We made our final student loan payment in May, and we are so thankful.

In another praise, Owen's insurance recently approved an enclosed bed for him due to his seizure activity and Pica.

We have an inflatable enclosed bed that we use while traveling, but it's not sturdy enough to be a permanent bed. His new bed arrived in early June and is large enough to last through the teenage growth spurts he's currently going through.

We also heard that his new wheelchair was approved, and should be received soon. It's bright green and black and we are so thankful for his new wheels.

Missionary Acres Updates

Ron and Joy Hemsworth finished deputation and have moved onto the Acres. There is so much work to be done there, and we are looking forward to joining them as quickly as we can!

Ministry Update

We had back to back trips at the end of May. One week we were able to present our ministry, and the other Bryan filled the pulpit.

The kids are beginning to get used to traveling. They really enjoy shaking hands with the dear people we meet in churches. :D 

Please pray that we would connect with more pastors and schedule meetings to present our ministry to Missionary Acres.

Thank you for your prayers!

Bryan & Lisa Tanner & Family

  • We are debt free!
  • Owen received a new enclosed bed and will be receiving a new wheelchair soon!
  • Ron & Joy Hemsworth successfully moved to Missionary Acres!
  • Support level at 7.7% officially, with over 8% coming regularly 
  • An upcoming meeting
Prayer Requests
  • To connect with Pastors and fill our schedule for 2019
  • For logistics of travel and safety on the road
  • A dependable and affordable 15 passenger van
  • For health for our family
  • Wisdom in when to move to a full-time deputation ministry

Where We're Heading Next...

August 18

Presenting our ministry at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Spokane Valley, WA

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