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The Gazette of Oro navigacija, Edition 1


  • Lithuania’s airspace: more flights, no delays
  • Baltic FAB extends cooperation: two new documents in force
  • Training to SESAR 2020 validation platform developers
  • A-SMGCS is ready for operations in Vilnius Airport


The number of flights in the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania increased by one tenth during the first six months in 2018 and yet there were no delays on account of control of the air traffic flows in our country’s airspace. Air traffic controllers of Oro navigacija serviced over 126.4 thousand flights during the first six months this year: 10.8 percent more than during the same period last year. 95.3 thousand of them accounted for transit flights (11.7 percent more than the last year).

According to Eurocontrol data, as Oro navigacija ensures efficient control of the air traffic flows, airlines flying passengers across the territory of Lithuania did not experience any delays or aircraft retentions due to the services provided by the company during the months of January – June in 2018.

The trend is kept also in July 2018: despite considerable increase in flight number in July 2018 (27 thousand flights were handled in the Lithuanian airspace, i.e. by 15 per cent more, compared to the same period last year), the planned flights were being performed according to schedule. It should be noted that overflights account for more than three fourths of the total flight number in Lithuania. Their number in July reached 21.1 thousand, i.e. was higher by 11.3 per cent, compared to July 2017.

To prevent delays, Oro navigacija applied complex measures, including the staff concentration and opening of an additional flight control sector, which allowed to increase the capacity of the upper airspace of the Republic of Lithuania by one third.


The Lithuanian and the Polish Air Navigation Service Providers – Oro navigacija and PANSA – are taking one more step towards closer cooperation. At the end of August in Palanga, leaders of the long-term partners signed two new documents: an Agreement on the Joint Actions in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations and Memorandum on Cooperation with the Belarusian Air Navigation Service Provider, Belaeronavigatsia.

The SAR agreement between Oro navigacija and PANSA is expected to facilitate cooperation of both states in the event of crisis or in the necessity to perform jointly search and rescue operations in Lithuania and Poland. The two states are also planning to cooperate in joint training, exercises, and exchange of best practice.

The Memorandum on Cooperation between the Baltic FAB and Belaeronavigatsia is signed with the aim of working together in order to develop the air route network and air traffic control infrastructure, share best practice in the air traffic management, the air navigation service provision, assurance of safety and quality, cyber-security, training, etc.

While working in close cooperation, organisations of Lithuania and Poland started involvement of their Eastern neighbours into joint projects: in August of 2017, the Air Navigation Service Providers of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine signed a Memorandum on Cooperation, by which they agreed to collaborate in the development of the air route network and the air traffic control infrastructure. After nearly a year, similarly, a Memorandum on Cooperation will be signed with the Belarusian Air Navigation Service Provider.

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Oro navigacija is making continuous progress in the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research programme SESAR 2020. From June, 2018 Oro navigacija, together with its partners, has been providing the Platform Methodology Training to SESAR 2020 ATM Solutions, Enabling and Very Large Demonstration Projects teams.

The Training is provided by SESAR Project PJ22 System Engineering, workinig package WP3 Maintenance of the Platform Development Methodology as support to SESAR 2020 Solutions in their Validation, Verification and Demonstration development activities.

Since the beginning of the Training, 56 participants from 23 SESAR 2020 Solutions have expressed interest in taking part in the Training. The training will continue till June 2019.
Oro navigacija is the PJ22 WP3 leader, working together with Eurocontrol, the aviation industry and technology companies such as Leonardo (Italy), Indra (Spain), Airbus (France) and the airspace research institute CIRA (Italy).


Oro navigacija, as a member of B4 Consortium, contributes to 6 SESAR 2020 projects:
PJ05 – Remote ATC Tower for Multiple Airports
PJ06 – Implementation of Free Route Airspace below Flight Level 310
PJ14 – Essential and Efficient CNS Integrated systems
PJ19 – New European Air Traffic Management System Guidance
PJ20 – The European ATM Master Plan Maintenance
PJ22 – Validation and Demonstration Engineering


Oro navigacija, being a member of the iTEC alliance since 2017, is implementing ATM modernization solution covering deployment of the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) and the Air Traffic Management (ATM) system. After  successful on-site validation performed in May 2018, the A-SMGCS system, which can perfectly detect all moving objects on the territory of an airport, in prepared to be launched into operation.

In the first phase of the project on the ATM modernisation,  the system  will be initially used only for Vilnius aerodrome guidance and control purposes. Further, A-SMGCS will be integrated with the new ATM system, to ensure the most advanced flight data processing and dynamic airspace management and to provide technical conditions for safe and efficient air traffic service provision in the upper airspace. After the integration the ATM is to provide complete flight trajectory to the A-SMGCS, this way enabling  provision of both Vilnius aerodrome and  approach services. The ATM system deployment and integration with A-SMGCS is due in July 2019.




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