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August 2020
Dynamical Change Newsletter

Focused on building resilience and thriving in complexity

Hi ,

I'm glad you're here. It's been a whirlwind of events for me the past two months. I've been exhausted and energized every single day. And would not have it any other way. The work I've been doing in applying cognitive coaching has been bearing tremendous fruit. In this newsletter, I'm sharing one of the most foundational and powerful tools from that category. And there's more exciting stuff in the works!

A powerful tool and template for Goal Setting
Blog and Events
Facilitating a virtual gratitude exercise
Beginning and Ending with Gratitude, Part 2

In my latest blog, I share my experience running a tried-and-tested gratitude exercise that is designed for an in-person setting. And how it ran beautifully in a remote/virtual setting. Read the blog post by clicking here.

Up for Adoption: A mini-workshop based on the Agile FluencyĀ® Game

Excited and honored to be hosted by AgileIndy to run an agile game play event. You'll get a chance to play an impactful exercise that uses focus on agile practices to make teams go into high performance mode. The event is free and registration is required.  Click here to sign up for the event.

Had a another great panel discussion hosted by Deepa Kartha on the topic of high performance teams. This was quite a diverse team of leaders with unique backgrounds and opportunites to cross-pollinate ideas.

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