March 2019

Steve & Elizabeth 

Bonjour from Albertville, France!  We are in the midst of our second trimester of French language study.  Lord willing, we will graduate at the end of June and then move to Senegal to join the Desert Springs team. 

Please continue to pray …

  • for our language acquisition.  The days are long and tiring, plus the progress often seems slow. We ask God for strength to endure and patience with ourselves in this season.
  • that God would guide the decisions we need to make concerning our life and work in Senegal.  We are in the process of finalizing details to send a shipment from the U.S., buying a vehicle in Senegal, making decision for Simon and Jude’s schooling/curriculum, and securing housing. 
  • for our marriage and family - that we would be intentional about growing together toward Christ and that we would be attentive to the opportunities God gives us to bless one another and those around us.

Praise the Lord with us …

  • that Simon and Jude are really doing well here in France.  They have a number of (American) friends and their schooling is going well.
  • that we have passed our French exams to this point and continue to make progress.  While the day-to-day seems slow, the progress we’ve made in five months is significant!
  • my (Elizabeth’s) non-believing language partner seems to really enjoy our meetings and has asked me to come over to her house to bake cakes (this type of invitation is rare in French culture between acquaintances).  She has made it quite clear that she doesn’t want our conversations to be “religious”, yet she likes to know what I believe and think about things. 

Thank you for your support, encouragement and prayer as we continue on this unexpected journey!

The Williams Family

Valary & Mally McLoughlin - France

Pray for our neighbors, that they would come to know the Lord and that we would have more opportunities to talk with them.
Pray for us as we work through the budget where we already are working with less money than expected.
Pray for our church as we continue to go through transition with a new pastor. Pray that we would be open to what the Lord wants to do.
As we go through our daily lives with meetings, raising kids, working, and all that life brings, we want to glorify God in it all. Pray that our hearts and minds be so in tune with Jesus and what HE is doing that our actions follow the will of God. We want to be lovers of Jesus in a world that pulls us in all different directions.

Tony & Raeni (Fayth & Hannah) Roos — France

Hannah has continued treatment for the lasting effects of lymes disease and she has seen some very positive results and has been feeling better, including her joints! Praise the Lord. Please continue to pray for complete healing. 
Fayth continues to do well at BFA and is enjoying her junior year. She is looking forward to being home in two weeks for spring break, as are we.
Raeni and I celebrated our 21 wedding anniversary.

Sam & Jen (Jordan, Noelle, Matthew & Katrina) Stemple — Black Forest Academy, Germany

Pray for our family.

Tou Lee & Tang (Abraham & Selah) Thao - Thailand

Pray for our family.

Don and Rachel (Donald & Elliot) Schaeffer - Japan

Pray for our visas to be obtained without any obstacles.
Pray for strong, lasting connections with our Plymouth Alliance family as well as other local Alliance churches in the region
Pray for Don as he prepares the team of 19 to go to El Salvador in three weeks.
Pray that we would be intentional in our marriage and family time in the midst of a fast-paced schedule.

Steve & Elizabeth Williams - France


S & W - Eastern Europe

The leader’s meeting that S led to outline the final steps to go to teams went well.  There was unity.  Pray that the steps would come off without any hitches in the coming months.
We are still looking for a place to rent for the women’s shelter.  People want to rent their apartments to families, not organizations that help foreigners.  Pray that a place will open up.
Pray for continued physical and spiritual protection for our family.

B & M – on Home Assignment

Pray for our leadership as they discuss possible placement options for our family. Pray that it would be in a location where our family can have a spiritually-healthy environment and a Christian school for the boys.
Pray that the Lord will work deeply in our hearts as we wait upon His clear direction.

C & S – Asia

Pray for our family.

E & C – on Home Assignment

Pray for our family.

J & J – Middle East

Praise:-our teammates’ teacher is now a Brother!
Requests:-our team leaders, B and L, are in the States now for their 4 month home assignment.  
Please pray for clear words for them to speak regarding the work being done here, and the great need for giving to the GCF so, our work can continue-Our team has its annual retreat in our city in the middle of March.
Pray that this is a time of refocus on our relationship with our Father, encouragement in the work that is left to be done, and continued team building. We will be visiting many of the WGLD groups from April-July.
Pray that we are able to speak openly and boldly to the people of our district and that people hear the call on their lives regarding how they can be involved in the work He is doing throughout the world.

M & L - Africa

Pray for our Family.

R & M – Asia

Please remember our children during this time. Our request is that they would have a supernatural understanding of why we are doing what we are doing even if they cannot verbalize it. 
Please ask for His protection against the enemy as we move closer to the frontlines of battle. Ask for good mental and physical health, strong relationships, and the knowledge of His grace to be the driving force in all we do both inside and outside of our home. 
Please ask for new friends for us all and success in our new business ventures.

S & K – on Home Assignment

Pray for our family.

T & H – on Home Assignment

Please pray for our family.