Are you worthy of being the next Zorro?

We have a lot of big news to share throughout the rest of the year and we're going to start off with what our next Kickstarter campaign will be. Got your sword and hat? OK, let's go!

The Zorro Dice Game

We are proud and excited to announce that our next Kickstarter campaign will be for The Zorro Dice Game! Zorro is retiring, and he needs a successor. Prove that you are the most heroic and worthy to wear the mantle and become the next Zorro! See more about the game here.

New Salem 2nd Edition Pre-Orders

Will you be playing New Salem 2nd Edition on Halloween this year? Manufacturing is wrapping up so if you want to make sure you're hunting those witches in October, you may want to pre-order it or the 1st Edition->2nd Edition upgrade kit now.

Giveaway Winner

We always give away something to a newsletter subscriber when we send one of these and today is no different! The winner of a copy of Barker’s Row is a***** We’ll send you an email to get your mailing address and get you your free game!

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