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"FinTech" has become a standard term not only in the startup ecosystem, but also in the corporate world. Established financial service players' appetite for collaboration has grown notably over the past twelve months. In Q3 2015 corporate venture participation of all FinTech deals stood at 23%, by Q3 2016 it had risen to 30%. Given the need to innovate, pressure on margins and the continuous elimination of market borders, we are convinced this trend will continue.  

As outlined in our previous newsletter (read here in full), we are dedicated to scaling innovation by helping startups and corporates to collaborate. Given the complexity of making these matches in the financial services ecosystem, we spent significant time over the past months "trying to make sense" of the FinTech space. Today we are happy to share with you the outcome of the work: Our most recent report, a likewise insightful and amusing interview with one of the industry’s innovation forerunners, Edward Twiddy (co-founder of Atom Bank) as well as the intro to one of our latest portfolio companies: Corezoid

We wish you all successful match-making and hope you enjoy the read! 

Thought Leadership

Our latest report summarizes our findings from analyzing dozens of FinTech papers and the business models of around 600 startups.

Among other things we discovered that 38% of the world's population is unbanked and 160m of small and micro businesses do not have access to finance, leaving a large playground for FinTech incumbents. Of all innovation drivers we analyzed, front-end technologies are the most popular one (35% of the startups engage in this space).

Curious to find out more? 

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Learning from the Top Global FinTech Innovator

Edward Twiddy is one of the founders and Chief Innovation Officer of Atom Bank. Atom Bank is the first UK bank built exclusively for mobile and it is ranked the sixth leading global FinTech innovator.

When talking about Atom Bank, Edward brings the parallel to the James song from 90s: “We were born of frustration and we keep that frustration close to us, as it is the way to continue reshaping. We want to be the business that never stops surprising.” This relentless desire to innovate echoed through our entire interview.

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Startup to Watch

Ukrainian/US startup Corezoid, is one of Match-Maker Venture’s newest portfolio additions. Their PaaS solution helps to transform from silos to smart, intuitive, cloud-based event processing, which leads to increased agility and increased time-to-market. We find their technology cutting edge and we believe in them for the three reasons outlined below.

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